I have a strong interest in the world of fashion along with many other creative subjects. At the age of 16 I began a business project selling luxurious lingerie that was both handmade and well-sourced wholesale items, I utilised the e-commerce software ‘shopify’ to launch my brand and create a website to sell from, I also capitalised on the continuously rising popularity of social media and created profiles on Instagram and Facebook to showcase and market my brand along with advertising on the platforms. This project along with my course has taught me to do branding, graphic design, editing, photography, sewing and manufacturing garments, and writing both blog posts and reports.You’re here because you (or your clients) are looking for honesty, accuracy, speed and professionalism in your translations.

I’m able to set my own schedule, choose my own workload, and explore opportunities I never thought possible. I am quite good at using Microsoft applications and typing. I am meticulous in providing quality work in timely manner.