Common Plumbing Facts to Know

Believe it or not, plumbing can seem like rocket science — but in reality, it’s actually quite simple to learn. From the main water source in your home to plunging a toilet, the list goes on and on — and it’s essential to learn the basics.

Turning off the Water

One of the most critical plumbing facts to know is where to locate the main water valve in your home. Sure, this might seem simple — but sometimes this essential piece may be hidden from plain sight.

Adjusting the Water Pressure

Another common fact to know is how to fix the water pressure in your home. Granted, it might seem okay at the moment — but you might take a shower later in the week, and the water will feel nonexistent.To adjust the pressure, you’ll want to locate the water-pressure regulator (hard plastic covering over it) and adjust the screw-like fixture in the middle — but before you do this, you’ll need assistance from a friend or family member.