How to Clean a Central AC System

When it comes to repairing your air conditioning unit, the wisest move is always to contact your AC repair specialists in Winnipeg right away. However, we know that some problems don’t always warrant the help of a professional. Cleaning your AC unit can be quick and relatively simple to do on your own. We handle any problem, big or small. Let our team of trained experts walk you through the necessary steps to fix your leak without having to call in a hired gun.

Step #1: Disconnecting the Power
Before you can do any actual work on it, you need to turn the power off to your AC System. Outside near your Outdoor unit is a electrical disconnect switch, this should be turned off before any service is performed on your system.

Step #2: Take off the Cover
You won’t get much done without removing the cover of your air conditioning unit. Place it somewhere away from your work area to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged in any way. Besides, you don’t need it in your already crowded workspace. Remember, the more room you have to work, the better.