Signs You Might Need a New Hot Water Heater

You probably only think about your water heater when you are in the middle shampooing your hair and suddenly – BRRR! No hot water! A failing hot water heater is an inconvenience to your family you don’t handle until it’s too late.Don’t get caught with the suds in your hair. If your propane hot water heater shows any of these signs, plan on getting it replaced.

1. No hot water
The most obvious and inconvenient sign you need a new hot water heater is no hot water. If you do not have any hot water, first check to make sure your pilot light is lit. If your pilot light went out or circuit breaker tripped, re-lighting usually fixes the problem. Otherwise, it might mean your hot water heater has reached the end of its days.

2. Rusty, muddy, or sandy water coming from faucet
Discolored water coming from your faucets is likely the cause of a rusty anode or sediment build up in your water heater.Rusty water is caused by a rusty anode. The anode is a sacrificial rod that purposely corrodes instead of the steel inside the tank, helping protect the life of your water heater. Before replacing your water heater, try replacing the anode.