Why a leaking pipe is a big problem

A leaky pipe might not seem like much of a problem on its own, but if you don’t get it repaired disaster will strike. Even a pinhole leak can cause water damage to your drywall or floors/roof, and all leaks will eventually get bigger if you don’t do something about them. In a worst case scenario, your pipe can burst which will flood your home.
A leak is also harder to fix as it gets bigger, so you are saving yourself a lot of money if you get it patched straight away. Your local plumber will be able to repair small leaks quickly and easily, but if the pipe suddenly bursts in the middle of the night you will need an emergency plumber with some seriously hard core equipment.
In addition to being very difficult to fix, a burst pipe will cause serious flood damage to your home and to your possessions. Your drywall will be ruined and may become mouldy, your carpet and floors will warp and anything electronic that get caught in the water will be ruined. If you knew there was a leak and did nothing about fixing it before the pipe burst, insurance usually won’t even cover you!