How to Replace Kitchen Tiles Without Removing Cabinets

Some installers lay ceramic tile from wall to wall and then set cabinets on top of the tile, making tile installation easier than cutting the tile to fit around the cabinets. Removing the cabinets to reveal the trapped floor tiles is labor intensive and challenging. Fortunately, removing and replacing ceramic tile is possible without removing the cabinets.

Step 1
Remove the refrigerator and all furniture from the room. Remove base moldings with a flat pry bar. Remove the threshold with a flat pry bar or demolition bar. Pull heating or air conditioning vent covers up and off the floor. Cover the vents with plastic and tape the plastic in place to keep dust from entering the heating or air conditioning system.

Step 2
Place strips of masking tape along the bottom edge of the cabinets where the cabinets meet the floor to protect the cabinets from damage.